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Supporting National Adoption Week 17-23 October 2016

Four4Adoption is an award winning partnership of four local authorities, Trafford, Stockport, Cheshire East and Tameside, all working together to make the adoption process as seamless and effective as possible for children awaiting adoption.

Within each of our boroughs there are a number of older children waiting to be adopted, these are often likely to be siblings or to have additional needs and there is currently a shortage of adoptive parents coming forward for these children. There is also an urgent need to find homes for young boys of black and minority ethnic heritage. Sadly, siblings, those with complex needs and children from black and minority ethnic families are amongst the children who wait longest to be adopted.

So please take the next step towards viewing life differently and think about adopting an older child, or siblings, and providing them with a loving home.

From your initial enquiry, throughout the training, preparation and approval - we are here to advise, support and guide you, every step of the way. Have a good look around our website and ask us to send you an Adoption Information Pack which contains all the detail you need.

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What is adoption and what does it mean to you?

Adoption is the legal process that means you become the parent of a child or children who cannot - for whatever reason - live with their birth parents.

You'll take on the same legal rights and responsibilities of a birth parent and provide a permanent home for the child or children you adopt. They will take on your surname and become a member of your family for life.

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